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Forest of Tronçais

The Forest of Tronçais (Forêt de Tronçais) is a French national forest, a forêt domaniale, comprising 10,600 hectares in the Allier, managed by the Office national des forêts. Its oaks, planted by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, minister of Louis XIV to supply the French navy, constitute one of the principal stands of oaks in Europe. It consists mainly of sessile oak (Quercus petraea).

Futaie Colbert

The older stands of Tronçais are in the "high forest Colbert." This is a plot of 13 hectares, in two pieces, the main settlement is the result of regeneration from the late seventeenth century (over 300 years old in 2000).

Bialowieza primeval forest

Białowieża Forest (Belarusian: Белавежская пушча, Byelavyezhskaya Pushcha) is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain. The forest is home to 800 European bison, Europe's heaviest land animal. The forest has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and an EU Natura 2000 Special Area of Conservation.


Pictures from different forests (Bercé, Vincenza, ...)

Image credit: Antoine Kremer, Didier Bert, Alexis Ducousso

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